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Frequently Asked Question

How do SideKicks Credit towards a School reimbursable lunch program?

SideKicks flavors SourCherry-Lemon, Kiwi-Strawberry, BlueRaspberry-Lemon, and Strawberry-Mango are 100% fruit juice and have no added sugar, so they credit as a half-cup fruit in a reimbursable lunch. SideKick flavor. Cherry Smooth are 100% juice and credits as an "Additional" vegetable. All SideKicks contain no added sugar and qualifies for Smart Snacks.

Can SideKicks be sold à la carte under the USDA’s Smart Snacks rule?

Yes SideKicks meet the requirements of the Smart Snacks rule for all grade levels

● SideKicks’ first ingredient is 100% juice.

● They have 0g fat- no saturated fat, no trans fat, or any fat at all.

● Per serving they have 15% total sugar by weight, 35mg sodium, and are 100 calories or less.
(SideKicks have no added sugar or sweetener of any kind. Total sugar is the naturally occurring sugar of the fruit juice.)

Do SideKicks contain any red dyes or other dyes for color?
● There are no red dyes in any of the flavors.
● The SourCherry-Lemon and Strawberry-Mango flavors have no artificial colors at all.
● The BlueRaspberry-Lemon and Kiwi-Strawberry have FDA-approved blue and yellow dyes.

We are working hard to eliminate dyes wherever we can.

What juices are used in SideKicks?
White grape and pear is used in SideKicks fruit.

Is any special handling needed?
No, you can take SideKicks right out of the freezer and put them on the serving line. In about 7 minutes they

are spoonable, and they hold up very well for about 45 minutes (even longer on a cold tray or in a serving pan). Quick and easy spoonability means even young kids can finish them in a short mealtime.

Can I refreeze SideKicks?

When refreezing think of them like ice cream. If they are soft, but not melted, they will refreeze nicely. But if
they are becoming liquid, we do not recommend refreezing - they could get icy and lost their smoothness.

How do I claim the $3/case menu rebate available to schools?
Just menu SideKicks three or more times during the school year. With that, you qualify for a $3/case rebate on all cases purchased for your menu during the entire school year. That includes your purchases from the very first day you put SideKicks on the menu. Rebate forms are simple to fill out; just attach a velocity report from your distributor. Send rebate claims anytime or just once at the end of the school year. There is no limit to the amount of rebate you can claim. This rebate can also be claimed for your summer programs as well. Offer not avail able in FL. Email, or call 877.99JUICE.


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