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Smooth-Frozen® 100% Juice 

All SideKicks products are 100%  juice, with no added sweeteners.
Our proprietary Smooth-Frozen® technology makes our products effortlessly spoonable just minutes out of the freezer. There’s simply no comparison to gritty sorbets and rock-hard italian ices that melt from the outside leaving an icy clump in the middle.


SideKicks® Fruit juice products are 4.4 fl. oz. of smooth-frozen, 100% fruit juice. Every cup has two flavors for irresistible appeal. With just 90 calories per cup, they're terrifically popular on school menus as a fruit component and Smart Snacks item.


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SideKicks® Cherry Smooth  are 4.4 fl. oz. of smooth-frozen, 100% vegetable and fruit juice that credits as 1/2 a cup of "Additional" Vegetable.


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